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Updated 14/12/2021

What vaccinations or injections do you need if you're heading to Nepal for a trek like Everest Base Camp?

In short, you don’t need any of the specialist vaccinations to actually enter Nepal from the UK but there are a couple of optional injections that you may choose to have to stay safe and healthy.

This is of course completely up to you, but often a small jab before you go can offer great peace of mind and may be far easier to cope with than falling ill on your trip.




The common vaccinations such as tetanus, typhoid, polio and cholera are basically the ones that most people have every 10 years with boosters. They're the ones that we do recommend that you keep up to date.

If you're up to date with these, then you shouldn't have any issues in Nepal.

Among the optional vaccinations is Rabies. This is prevalent in most of Asia, so not just Nepal, and some people opt to have this. It is very much a personal choice, even the Yetis are split - with Dave opting for the Rabies vaccination but not Andy. Only a very small percentage ever get Rabies, but it is one of those peace of mind things. If you want additional advice on whether or not to have the jab, then do speak to your GP or local travel clinic where you can get a 3 course of Rabies injections from around £150/£200.

Covid-19 Vaccine
As with the other vaccines mentioned, being vaccinated against Covid-19 is a personal choice and not one that we enforce as obligatory on our trips. However, being vaccinated may make it easier for you to travel abroad with more relaxed restrictions, and so we would recommend that you consider these factors if you're deciding between having it or not.

The Nepalese government have currently restricted access to the Khumbu Region only to travelers who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This means that at this time, trekkers are only able to go on treks such as Everest Base Camp, EBC via Gokyo, 3 Peaks 3 Passes etc. if they have had two doses of the vaccine.

Always check the latest Government advice on gov.uk for the latest information regarding travel restrictions & requirements. 


If you need more in-depth information & help with vaccinations, check out Nomad Travel Clinics. Our partnership means that all EverTrekkers can benefit from a FREE consultation and discount on any vaccinations you need. Find out more HERE




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