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about this tRip

The Ring of Fire trek in Ecuador includes the challenging summit of one of the countries most famous volcanoes, Cotopaxi at 5897m as well as trekking through some of the most remote parts of the western Andes which is rarely visited by other tourists or mountaineers. This really is a trek for the ages as you spend 13 days experiencing one of the most authentic Ecuadorian experiences.





Altitude range: 4000 - 6000m

Activity level


  • 19/11/2022 - 01/12/2022

    Total £2,600.00, Deposit: £200.00

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  • 26/11/2022 - 08/12/2022

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  • 18/02/2023 - 02/03/2023

    Total £2,600.00, Deposit: £200.00

    Available Payment Options : Full, 30 Days Before,3 Months, 6 Months

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    10 spaces available

  • 08/07/2023 - 20/07/2023

    Total £2,600.00, Deposit: £200.00

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  • 18/11/2023 - 30/11/2023

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  • 09/12/2023 - 21/12/2023

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  • 10/02/2024 - 22/02/2024

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  • 13/07/2024 - 25/07/2024

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  • 16/11/2024 - 28/11/2024

    Total £2,600.00, Deposit: £200.00

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    11 spaces available

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Trip overview

All about this trip

The EverTrek Ring of Fire trek in Ecuador includes the challenging summit of one of the countries most famous volcanoes, Cotopaxi at 5897m as well as trekking through some of the most remote parts of the western Andes which is rarely visited by other tourists or mountaineers. This really is a trek for the ages as you spend 13 days experiencing one of the most authentic Ecuadorian experiences. Starting in the city of Quito you will already get a taste of what lies ahead as on a clear day you can see the snow capped peaks of the volcanoes that surround the region and that's where you are heading, right into the Ring of Fire. 

The Surrounding Andes offers gorgeous nature, exotic indigenous villages where you can mix with the locals and experience their way of life and learn about their cultures, all while starting to acclimatise for some of the volcanoes and high passes you will trek to. The main target is to summit Cotopaxi at 5897m but also trek through one of the most remote parts of the country visiting and staying in local settlements rarely visited by trekkers or mountaineers. The trip also includes ice axe and crampon training from some of the best mountain guides in Ecuador so you know exactly how to climb Cotopaxi and experience the breathtaking summit views. 

Join us on the Ring of Fire Trek

  • A unique and remote trip that offers the chance to summit Cotopaxi at 5897m.
  • Visit traditional Ecuadorian villages in the remote western Andes
  • Our Team in Ecuador has been guiding summits of these volcanoes and are some of the most experienced in the region offering you the best chance of success. 
  • We take special care of our porters & guides. They are probably the best equipped Ecuador.
  • Your kit bag is carried for you, so you only need to carry a day pack
  • Prices include all climbing permits permits

Experience Required

The 13 day Ring of Fire Itinerary is a great trip and is easier than our other Summits of Fire trip that we run. This alternative has a larger trekking section which includes some remote trekking as well as the summit of Cotopaxi. It's still a great trek where you will trek over mountain high passes, up active volcanoes and reach almost 6000m so a good level of fitness is required as well as a sense of adventure. We recommend that you are a regular hillwalker and used to hikes of over 4-6 hours. It's very handy to have experience on steep ground in a mix of terrains but you will learn everything you need to know on the glacier training day built into the itinerary.

We can forward a detailed equipment list upon booking. Over the years, we have gained an incredible amount of experience and expertise in outdoor equipment and clothing. We have applied this to each trip that we offer and recommend what we believe to be the most suitable items for your trip.


What's included in this tour?

Items that are included in the cost of the tour price
  • Airport Pick-up and Drop-off
  • All accommodations for the 13 day itinerary
  • Full-day guided city tour
  • All overland transfers
  • All Trekking and climbing permits
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trek
  • All accommodation whilst on trek (Hut/mountain refuge/Tent)
  • Filtered water on the entire trek (Save on plastic bottles)
  • Experienced climbing and trekking guides and all support staff 
  • EverTrek Trip Planner 
  • EverTrekker T-shirt & Neck Buff
  • Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor– To calculate Oxygen Levels and Heart rate to help with Altitude
  • 15% discount with Cotswold Outdoor

What's not included in this tour?

Items that are not included in the cost of the tour price
  • International flight to Ecuador
  • Ecuador travel visa
  • Meals in the city except for breakfast and other mentioned special meals
  • Personal expenses including soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and beverages
  • Climbing gear (Ice axe, helmet, harness, crampons and crampon compatible boots) You can hire these locally on arrival)
  • Your travel insurance that covers Helicopter Evacuation
  • Any other extended trips and accommodation
  • Tips for guides and support staff
  • Day 1

    Arrival in Quito

    Hola! Welcome to Ecuador!

    Today is the first day of your South American adventure and a member of the EverTrek team will be there to greet you and welcome you to Quito. Private transfer straight to the hotel for you to relax and get over the long haul flight and enjoy some free time getting to know your fellow EverTrekkers and the local food and drinks.

  • Day 2

    Full day of sightseeing around Quito

    After breakfast your private tour around Quito begins, you will leave the modern part of Quito and head to the ancient historical part of the city where you will spend time basking in the local atmosphere. Some highlights include the La Basilica Church, La Compania Church and El Panecillo Hill. After some lunch at a local restaurant you will visit Mitad del Mundo where you can stand on the equatorial line and take part in some fun experiments!

  • Day 3

    Pasochoa Volcano (4164m)

    A nice early start as get out into the mountains for some trekking! After pickup, the drive takes about 2 hours before you reach the start of the trail which lies at 3848m. The climb starts on a well-marked route through some of the local farmland before we start to ascend. Today is all about acclimatisation so we take it nice and steady before we reach the crater rim of your first Ecuadorian volcano, Pasochoa (4164m). This is almost the same height as Toubkal in the Atlas mountains but the landscape is very different as although you're on the summit of a volcano, it's very lush and green. If the weather is clear, you will enjoy spectacular views all the way down to Cotopaxi in the distance as well as a few other volcanoes in what the locals call 'Volcanoes Avenue. Once we tag the summit we will enjoy the descent back to the base of the volcano and take the 2-hour drive back to our accommodation for the night in a mountain lodge on the outskirts of Machachi (2930 m).

    Ascent: 516 m / Descend: 516 m / Highest Altitude: 4164 m / Activity duration: 5 h

  • Day 4

    Los Pinos campsite (3300m)

    Early transfer (4 h) to the town of Angamarca (2985 m), located on in the west side of the Andes. The trek is in quite a remote part of Andes so although the roads are decent for the first couple of hours, you will soon be on a dirt road with a few lumps and bumps. All part of the adventure right! We will make sure to stop along the route as there are some great viewpoints. The start of the trek is in a remote village called Angamarca. This amazing and beautiful village still operates a very traditional Ecuadorian way of life, so spend some time looking around before your trek starts for real after lunch. The day’s trek lasts for around 3 hours and follows a local trail to our first camp for the trek at Los Pinos (3300 m). The night will be spent in a tent at the camp site.

    Ascent: 315 m / Highest Altitude: 3300 m / Activity duration: 3 h

  • Day 5

    Pigua Campsite (4073 m)

    After breakfast and packing down the camp, we will follow the Yayachanchi’s valley along a river of the same name. The trek follows a dirt road for around 30 minutes before we reach the local trails. There is quite a lot of ascent here so get the legs ready for some lung-busting action! As you get higher, the trail steepens and the views become amazing as you pass corn and bean fields until you reach Yayachachi town (3900 m).

    This isolated settlement was until recent time only accessible on foot or by horse but a recently open dirt road has improved the life of the local people. A short break as we take on some snacks before we continue up the valley and the well-marked ridge. As we gain altitude, the path traverses towards the east reaching the Pigua mountain pass (4200 m). After catching our breath we will descend down to one of the most beautiful valleys on the trek which includes seeing the awesome “La Chorrera de Pigua” (Tigua’s waterfall), where we will set up camp for the night at (4073 m).

    Ascent: 900 m / Descend: 127 m / Highest Altitude: 4200 m / Activity duration: 6-7 h

  • Day 6

    Quilotoa Crater Lake (3900 m)

    Leaving the camp next to Pigua waterfall we will get off the beaten path along an almost hidden trail along the mountainside before reaching the highest part of the trekking part of the trip at Zumbagua mountain pass (4466 m).

    This pass has some of the best views of the high Ecuadorian volcanoes that include Cotopaxi, Ilinizas, Chimborazo, Los Altares and you might even catch some smoke coming out of the active Tunguragua. The views from this pass are out of this world as you look down to the green valley floor far down below where there is a local Indigenous settlement where we will be passing through. As we descend the narrow gorge we will hope onto our ride back to the town of Zumbagua. Once we have grabbed some lunch we will also check out the Quilotoa’s crater lake (3900 m). Quilotoa is known for its almost perfectly round crater with a deep green crater lake. It's a great place to relax after the last few days trekking and enjoy some hydration and possibly a cold beer as you watch the sunset over the backdrop of the Ilinizas mountains.

    Ascent: 393m / Descent: 766 m / Highest Altitude: 4466 m / Activity duration: 6 h

  • Day 7

    Chugchilan town (3198 m)

    The long descent starts at around 8am as we hike around the crater rim on a spectacular trail (4020 m). As the route takes us around a third of the way along the crater rim, you will have the volcanoes of Cotopaxi and the Illinizas volcanoes to keep you company. Once around the rim, the path descends into the Guayama valley and follows a series of trails and dirt roads until we reach the Toachi River gorge (2995 m). This last section is quite steep following an old trail to a river crossing and once we are across, there's a short hike up to the town of Chugchilan (3198 m), where our return transport will pick us up and transfer the group back to Machachi where we will again stay at the mountain lodge.

    Ascent: 203 m / Descend: 1025 m / Highest Altitude: 4020 m / Distance: Activity duration: 5-6 h

  • Day 8

    North Iliniza Volcano (5126 m)

    This morning’s goal is to climb the North Ilinza, one of the twin summits of the Iliniza massive that you would have seen from the high crater rim over the last couple of days. The north summit is the easier of the two from a technical point of view, but still a demanding physical ascent. The climb starts after a 1-hour transfer from the mountain lodge up to the parking place located at 3680 meters. From here, the group will follow a trail by the “paramo” (Andean highland), which changes as it gains altitude into rocky moraine.

    The terrain gets steeper and steeper before reaching a well-marked ridge that ascends to a valley that divides the twin peaks and where the Nuevos Horizontes hut (4677 m) is located. After a short break at the hut, the climb continues towards the col and then up to the north side. The climb has amazing panoramic views, as it follows the southern ridge of the mountain with spectacular landscapes on both sides. As you ascend, the terrain will get a little challenging with some short but easy scrambling sections before reaching the summit.

    Wahooo! Summit time!

    Depending on the weather conditions and the physical shape of the team, the descent can be done by the same trail or following the northern ridge, down a big scree area making it into a circular route. Once Back at the parking place, the team will be transferred back to the mountain lodge.

    Ascent: 1266 m / Descent: 1266 m / Highest Altitude: 5126m / Activity duration: 7-9 h

  • Day 9

    Rest day

    After several days of trekking and climbing volcanoes, it's time for a well-deserved day off! The idea for today is to recover from the previous days trekking and climbing and to enjoy and explore the lovely surrounding of Machahi. You could check out a local market, drive around to some nearby towns or just sit back and enjoy the mountain views. Later in the day, you will be picked up and transferred to the Cotopaxi National Park where you will spend a night in the mountain refuge at the foot of the volcano.
    Time to get a good night's rest before we take on Cotopaxi!

  • Day 10

    Cotopaxi - Glacier training (4990 m)

    After a good rest and a well-deserved breakfast, a 2 hours transfer will take the group to Cotopaxi’s Parking area (4587 m). We will then hike up for an hour to Cotopaxi’s mountain hut (4847 m) and upwards of around 45 minutes to the low part of the glacier (4990 m) where we can learn the skills needed for tomorrow ascent of Cotopaxi.

    Once there, you will gear up and follow the guide’s instruction in the use of crampons, ice axe, rope use, and all the appropriate technical gear for the climb. This is in no way an alpine course, just a brief introduction into the techniques needed for the ascent. In getting on the ropes and practicing at this altitude, it will massively help with acclimatisation before we climb higher tomorrow. After the training has finished, we will head back down to the hut for the night (4847 m) but before we hit the hay, the guides will brief you on everything you will need for tomorrow's ascent and can assist with prepping your gear.

    It's an early night as you will have your breakfast just before midnight before the big climb. Night at the hut in dormitories with bunk beds.

    Ascent: 403 m / Descent: 143 m / Highest Altitude: 4990 m / Activity duration: 4-5 h

  • Day 11

    Summit of Cotopaxi Volcano (5897 m)

    The summit day starts very early or you could say late as technically it stars the day before. Normally you will grab some food just before midnight and then start between 1am-2am but your guide will see how everyone is feeling and what the weather is like.

    The ascent starts from the hut back up the well-marked trail that gently ascends over a fine stoned moraine for about 1 hour. Once on the edge of the glacier (4990 m), the group will gear up. Depending on the group numbers, we may split into two smaller teams with one guide for 2 customers so we can approach the mountain safely. The ascent of Cotopaxi is a physically demanding climb but as with all of our trips, the main challenge is in the mind so keep going, one foot in front of the other and before you know it, you're almost there. The glacier on Cotopaxi is normally quite safe and the climb is not technical but as it is an active glacial part of the mountain, it changes every year. Therefore we have to navigate this carefully especially if there are any crevasses. It makes it an epic and enjoyable climb as you cross this frozen landscape.

    The first section that you will climb on the glacier is a gentle slope that gets steeper as it goes higher. There a series of switchbacks known as “Heart Breaker” so you can imagine what this part may look like. This is the toughest part of the ascent due to its demanding steepness and continuity but keep going, you got this!

    After this a very nice ridge gradually gains altitude, passing close to the prominent rock face known as “Yanasacha” at about 5630 m. From this point there is a relatively long traverse to the right before another set of switchbacks that lead up to the crater’s rim and few meters later to the main summit. You did it! You summited one of the highest volcanoes on the planet!
    Cotopaxi’s summit and the views are some of the most spectacular you will ever see so drink in the moment! As you look back down you can see the parts of the Andes you trekked a few days basck towards Cayambe, Ilinizas, Chimborazo as well as the active Tunguragua. The descent is done following the same route back and takes about 3-4 hours. Once back at the huts and after the whole group reunites, a short hike down (20 minutes) to the parking place and drive back to Quito for some celebrations (3 h).

    Ascent: 1050 m / Descent: 1315 m / Highest Altitude: 5897m / Activity duration: 10-12 h

  • Day 12

    Spare summit day / extra day in Quito

    This day is to allow for extra time to reach the summit and account for any weather delays in the unusual event they occur. We will endeavour to keep to the main schedule so this day will likely be spent relaxing and celebrating in Quito.

  • Day 13


    Time to say goodbye to the volcanoes of Ecuador.


Where you'll be staying during this trip

Whilst in Quito and the local villages you will be staying in hotels and lodges, as we do like a little bit of comfort as it helps prepare you for the tougher colder nights on the mountain!

During the trek you will stay in mountain huts with bunk beds, local lodges and tents and all are on a twin sharing basis unless stated.

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Blessing David
12:36 20 Jul 21
I could not recommend Evertrek enough! They went above and beyond from the very moment I called to enquire right the way through until the very moment I arrived back home.

We happened to be stuck in Nepal for an additional 10 days due to the country going into lockdown and Evertrek worked tirelessly every single day to ensure not only were we in the loop with what was going on but also just to make sure we were comfortable, happy and OK!

They don't feel like your typical corporate company, the entire team is super friendly and make you feel like pals! Something quite important to me and they showed in every single way is that they truly care for all their staff, as soon as the Sherpas and guides lost pretty much all work for this season they set up a justgiving page to help support their families! They doing everything with love and care both for their customers and their team!!

Ok, I could go on! Bottom line is, if you are looking for some trekking adventures, look no further. Just go and book it, you will not regret it!

Thank you for reminding me why I love travelling and trekking so much, now you have awoken it I have lots of planning to do for 2021 hehe!! ❤️
Caz Thompson
13:52 20 Apr 20
Professional travel company
They were fantastic and went out their way to support me when I was stuck in Nepal due to the Coronavirus lockdown
I would highly recommend this company to any trekkers looking for a travel company.
I will definitely be using this company again in the future.
Paul Brigden Snr
18:16 17 Apr 20
After months of research I chose Evertrek as the company to lead me on a once in a lifetime trip to Everest base camp. It is by far the best decision I have ever made. The organisation was second to non and nothing was left to chance, the accommodation, the guides, Sherpas and porters were amazing. However our group went at the start of the Coronovirus outbreak and on return to Lukla we were in a country in Lockdown, this is were Evertrek became invaluable, as other trekkers were stuck EverTrek’s people in Nepal came into there own, they organised flight to Kathmandu and when stuck in Kathmandu they found the very best hotel and kept us informed constantly as did the Evertrek guys back home. They never left us alone until we were at the airport.
Nothing was to much for the guys in the UK or Kathmandu, if you are thinking about this trip there is only one company to consider EVERTREK 110%
David Armour
18:00 17 Apr 20
I have taken advantage of the 10 pound deposit to secure a place to Base camp October 2021!
It's only taken 30 years to to finally realize this dream!
The contact has been brilliant with the EverTrek team!
Thanks Guys.
Now to get into training!
Tony Legg
08:25 16 Apr 20
Evertrek are a fantastic, they support you, are very knowledgeable. The service that I have received is second to none and I can not fault it at all, it’s first class all the way. The booking process is easy, they are very knowledgeable and I can’t wait to to go Everest, I know it will be the best experience of my life. I will do other trips with them, as I know I am in the best hands, you could not ask more more from the team. Amazing service and very supportive always!
Maria Millgate
21:14 14 Apr 20
Personal attention is second to none
Dave Hampson
11:54 07 Apr 20
I traveled to EBC this October and would really recommend Evertrek. Being my first adventure holiday, it was reassuring to have such a supportive team with lots of information, advice and kit recommendations prior to departure.

Having little things like filtered water and meals included in the cost (I saw another group having to queue to pay for breakfast) might seem trivial but it meant we didn't have to worry about running out of money on the trek - and they treat their guides and sherpas (who were top class and couldn't do enough for you) with consideration and respect.

I always felt well looked after throughout my time in Nepal, and they put a great deal of effort into ensuring that the holiday went smoothly such as rearranging flights, and adapted to any issues that arose.

Evertrek made it a great holiday. I met some fun people, have some great memories and lots of photos! You even get a free bag, medal and certificate!
Greg Dow
21:02 03 Dec 19
Just travelling back from an amazing EBC trip with Evertrek. I've travelled with a lot of other adventure travel companies in the past but have to say Evertrek has been the best. From the easy booking process and pre departure info and support, to the amazing local Kathmandu
team, guides, sherpas, porters and yak men in Nepal I cant fault Evertrek. If you are thinking about a trip just do it. You wont regret it. And you wont regret choosing Evertrek either. I'm already looking at other trips and not even home yet!
Seonaid Baird
07:56 11 Nov 19
Absolutely first class, from when I first booked knowing nothing about hiking at altitude, right the way through the trip itself. Everything has been handled with the utmost professionalism and the entire team has been incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and hardworking. Our guide, Padam, and his team are worth their weight in gold. Could not recommend Evertrek enough.
Dani Wain
04:19 19 Oct 19
Not been to EBC yet but have booked to go with them next March.
I’ve just returned from a fantastic training weekend with them in the Brecon Beacons. It was wet and windy but Evertrek didn’t disappoint, . From start to finish, the experience was great. Both Andy( the owner) and his trusty sidekick Dave (the painted Yeti) were there to make us feel welcome. They were both hands on, and their knowledge was second to none.
I can’t wait to actually go to Everest, and after this weekend I feel assured that I’ll be in great hands.
Nothing was too much trouble, and it was great see the way that Andy and Dave talk about Everest with such a passion.
Well done guys
Bribri Mcalpine
19:35 11 Aug 19
Wouldn’t hesitate to book again with Evertrek 👍🏼👍🏼🏔🏔😍
Lena Trafford
21:13 21 May 19
This trip was exceptional from start to finish. Has to be one of the best run and professional companies I have come across. Before we even started we were sent weekly emails and lots of correspondence to get us excited for the trip. Any questions and worries were answered straight away some even by video replies!! The actual Everest base camp trip itself was one of the best experiences of my life however very tough! Everything from start to finish was run perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for more from Andy, Dave and the Sherpas they provided! A 5 star service all round!
Lee Wardle
19:03 07 May 19
Still to go to Basecamp, but they have been very helpful with the many questions I have asked them about our up coming trek.
Stewart Strang
15:54 01 Feb 19
I had the most fantastic trip in Nepal, all thanks to evertrek. Andy was so so helpful from the moment I first rang about going. Nothing was ever to much, always had a speedy reply- which was reassuring when I was stressing about equipment. The training weekend that they offer is also incredibly helpful and really gets you ready for your holiday.
Our guide in Nepal, Bhim and his team, were absolutely fantastic, they worked unbelievably hard, you never wanted for anything. (Watch them, they cheat at cards!!haha)
As for the trek, the negotiations of getting to Lukla were a bit up in the air...but that's just Nepal! Go with the flow. But once we got there, it was absolutely brilliant, everyday the scenery was beautiful and I never felt like they expected to much from you. Plenty of rest time and tea stops! I personally really enjoyed the food (I lived on veggi curry and rice-you get seconds :D) and thought all the accommodation was fine!!
Basically an all round incredible trip, there wasn't a second I didn't enjoy!!! Highly recommend Andy and the team. Would defo do another trek with them :D
Lucy Groves
19:39 21 Jan 19
Recently returned from our EBC trek and I can’t fault Evertrek, right from the minute you sign up Andy is giving advice and replying to any queries you might have. Special thanks to Phurba and Harry our guides over there, they keep a eye on you and don’t let you go to quickly up the mountain and look after you. If you are thinking about doing it just go for it you won’t regret it . Awesome
Douglas Smith
13:09 27 Oct 18
I had the most amazing trip to Everest Base Camp with Evertrek, thank you Andy for being the font of all knowledge about this trip and for Rishi our guide for looking after us. It is probably the most challenging holiday I have ever done but it was worth every moment and the scenery was just stunning. Nepal is an amazing place and I will definitely go back one day. Thanks to Evertrek and my trekking buddies for a very special holiday.
Pamela Kuepfer
17:22 20 Oct 18
Great time in Nepal doing Everest Base Camp with Evertrek. Thanks Andy!
Gilles Comeau
13:07 12 Oct 18
Just returned from Everest Base Camp trek and it was absolutely brilliant!
Many thanks to everyone at EverTrek, especially Andy - from start to finish the organisation was par excellence. Special thanks to Rishi our guide and my trekking companions who put the icing on the cake to make one of my dreams come true.
Phil Costin
20:54 10 Oct 18
Having recently booked myself on a trip to Everest Base Camp with Evertrek, I thought it would be one of those trips where you get to hear about everything you should have done two weeks before you go. Not with Andy and Evertrek. Immediately Andy was in touch with information, assistance and support. You could feel his energy coming at you. Along with the practical advice, Evertrek arrange training activities. These are great for finding out first hand what you need to know and how you might cope with the activities ahead. It really does crank up the excitement when you share your thoughts and views with fellow Evertrekers. This weekend we had one of these training activities in the Brecons. Andy made us all very welcome, and was there all the way, rain and shine, to helps us all along.
We made some great connections, enjoyed the socialising (you earn it!) and came away even more excited to be getting on the plane to Nepal. Hopefully there will be more such events to enjoy, and build on the training already done. I’m already walking the dogs for 10mins more🙂.
Thanks to Andy and the team for a great weekend. Good luck to those on their way in the next few months, and those who have a longer wait we can share your excitement.
Alan Payne
18:10 27 Aug 18
Brilliant Training Weekend in the Brecon Beacons with Andy and met some great people and got a good insight into what to expect for my trip in October. Can’t wait now....roll on EBC
Hayley Shadrake
19:14 26 Aug 18
Overjoyed with my recent trip to EBC. I can't praise Evertrek enough. From the 1st day I contacted Andy he has been amazing. Offering fantastic advice & tips before my trip.
Hotel, guides & transfers in Kathmandu were spot on.
Biggest credit has to go to the guide & sherpa who take care of you every step of the way.

Thank you Evertrek
Donna Brown
11:12 23 Jun 18
The EverTrek organisation was excellent, the choice of Kathmandu hotel superb, good trek accommodation and great choice of food. I was impressed with the punctuality of transfer arrangements too. Keep up the good work!
Mike Dean
18:25 06 Apr 18
Anna Bach
15:02 17 Mar 18
A truly wonderful once in a lifetime experience. My sister and I trekked to Everest Basecamp with Evertrek to mark the tenth anniversary of our dearest Mum passing away. It was an emotional experience we will never forget. It gave us time to reflect on wonderful times past and brought us closer as only shared endeavour can. The Himalayan backdrop was the perfect location.

But it's the people that made the trek. Our guide Kishor is a wonderful guy. A real fixer, high altitude expert, family man and now, friend. When the weather delayed our flight, he did everything he could to make sure we were first onto another. His experience, knowledge and local contacts got us into places we just wouldn't have seen without him. He knew when to go to the best places to avoid the crowds and he was the picture of happiness with his infectious smile. He was kind to the point of putting us first all the time, without hesitation. A true gentlemen and the source of lots of fun and laughter - perfect for morale. Our porters also deserve a mention for their hard work and dedication through some difficult long days at high altitude. Manesh was particularly hard working and charming, keen to learn and become a guide himself in time. Our trek wouldn't have been the same without them and when I go again I will definitely seek out the same team.

My recommendation? Grab a loved one and go trekking in Nepal in the capable hands of the Evertrek team. And request Kishor to be your guide. You won't regret it.
Stuart Everitt
16:09 29 Nov 17
Thanks guys for the experience of a lifetime. What can I say about Evertrek! Simply brilliant. From the moment we spoke with Andy and signed up it was all taken care of. The guides were truly amazing, professional and were always on-hand to look after us. Listen, this is a tough challenge but it's well within the reach of most of you out there considering the possibility. I've kept myself pretty fit all my life (63 years young) but trying to keep up with my sons was, at times, pushing my limits. The scenery is so beautiful it becomes an emotional challenge at times. We did Kilimanjaro a few years ago - Base Camp blows that away completely. However, you need to be in the best hands and we were. Our guides, Rahul and Krishna were meticulous in making sure we were looked after every step of the way and needless to say we have become friends for life. I cannot recommend EverTrex highly enough. Don't think about this for too long - just do it. They'll get there and you'll never forget the experience. So,as soon as I have some pics ready I'll upload and share but please do not hesitate to contact me while I'm still flying through thin air!!! Thanks again Andy and EverTrex
Alan Irwin
10:18 23 Oct 17
Loved every minute of the Everest Base Camp trek! The guys were all very accommodating and helpful in the build up to and on the trek. Everything about the package ensured my time was comfortable, fun and without any worries. Our guide Rawal was informative, friendly and a great laugh when he got his drums out on the last night! A big thank you to Evertrek for making this happen and I look forward to booking with you guys again!
Tom Moustache
19:28 10 Oct 17
Somnath Simkhada
17:08 09 Sep 17
Recently returned from trekking in Upper Mustang,Nepal.. and still in awe! What a trip!

Amazing service from Andy and Dave in helping me plan the most amazing,unique,epic,challenging,tough,
rewarding and memorable experiences...with stunning unspoilt views and a different pace of life.

They provided me with friendly, knowledgeable,caring guides. I really couldn't have asked for a better trek.
Highly recommend and will use again.
Melissa 'Gillette' Jones
15:19 09 Aug 17
Hey guys!
Just wanted to say a huge thanks to all at Bucket List, both here and in Nepal, for making my trip to EBC, Cho La and Gokyo so enjoyable and memorable. Himal, my guide, was a star and I enjoyed his company throughout the two plus weeks we were together; he looked after me really well and I have no doubt that his local knowledge helped to smooth the way on a few occasions when accommodation was tight! If my wife can be persuaded to let me go again, you will be my first port of call.
Ian Folly
15:16 15 May 17
What a first class service, Andy was supportive, knowledgeable and really quick at replying. If you want to make base camp then this is the way to do it, from the airport to the top and back again. Fully supported, with a friendly team. Would not hesitate to book more treks in Nepal with Andy. Thank you team.
Paul Jim Hawkins
06:19 05 Jan 17
Amazing company!!! The owners are so helpful and made my trip to nepal (everest base camp & gokyo lakes) perfect. Very organised and always there for you!
Theresa Burger
01:06 07 Nov 16
Everest basecamp TICK...thanks for organising! Fantastic company, extremely friendly and professional.
Max Bibby
14:51 11 Jul 16
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